Komara Duplex Skimmer

Date: 20 Mar 2009

Application - The Komara Duplex is highly versatile and can be used as either a disc skimmer or a brush skimmer. The skimmer can be used to pick up a range of oil viscosities. The discs will recover oil with viscosity as low as 5cSt, maximum disc recovery rate is achieved at 2-3000cSt with very low free water pickup (typically less than 2%). The brush can extend the range, allowing oil of higher viscosity to be recovered. The larger amount of water recovered with the brush may assist with pumping of higher viscosity product. The crimped bristles are manufactured in polypropylene to ensure good chemical resistance and low water absorption. Testing has shown that crimped bristles give higher oil pickup within the target viscosity range. The skimmer can be converted from discs to brushes or vice-versa in the field in less than 1 minute without the need for special tools. Recovery rates of up to 14 tonnes per hour can be achieved dependant on various criteria including oil viscosity, temperature, slick thickness, sea state etc.

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