Fasflo Skimmer

Date: 20 Mar 2009

Recovers Wide Range of Viscositites - From refined products to medium viscous crudes.
Minimal Maintenance - The Fasflo is easy to service. An optional two year spare parts kit is offerd.
Robust Construction - Low wear due to minimal moving parts
HIgh Oil/Water Recovery Rate - Due to its unique features, the Fasflo is a very efficent recovery system when compared to other weir skimmers in its class.
Multi Role Applications - The skimmer can be used as a single ship sweep system, as a twin ship sweep system and with vessels of opportunity. It can also be used in a moored estuarial static mode, for either marine or industrial use.
Wave Following - The high buoyancy to weight ratio gives good wave following capability.
Power Pack Option - As an alternative to the standard system power pack, there are multi purpose power pack options to produce a total response package.
Safety Features - We offer a power pack design which can be fitted with an automatic intake shut off and exhaust spark arrestor.


Contact information:
Beijing Advanced Petromachinery Co., Ltd
Suite 9901 Jingshi Building, 19. Xinwai Street, Haidian District, Beijing[100875]
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