Fluid Loss Controller Additive For Oil Well Cement ST-ZJ 101

Date: 10 Aug 2009
ST-ZJ 101 is composed of ST-ZJ 101A(main) and ST-ZJ 101B(subsidiary).ST-ZJ 101A,main,is one kind of water-soluble polymer.ST-ZJ 101B,subsidiary,is mixed by some organic and inorganic material. The cement slurry, composed of SWJ-5A and apt SWJ-5B,have more excellent performance,such as little fluid loss,zero vertical free water and no retardation effect,quickly developed early strenth.It is suggested to be used together with SW series dispersant,retarder and early strength  
admixture,so as to get slurry meet the operating standards. Both fresh water and seawater can be used in the slurry.What's more,it can resist 5~10% mud contamination. Especially suitable to be used in offshore oil well cementing or areas without dry blending facilities.
ST-ZJ 101 can be applied to API G class and J class cement. Mixed with density adjustor, such as microsphere, bentonite, flyash, ilmenite, barite, it could be mixed into different density. 
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