Air Supply Purification Unit

Date: 23 Jul 2009
ZQL air supply purification unit is patented product and designed to supply clean and dry air for pneumatic tools and instrument.
The unit consists of one to two screw compressors, one dryer, one to two air tanks, one colstart, control system and control room.
ZQL air supply unit has been trial-tested and improved for many times. It has found wide application in oilfield. The earliest unit has operated with no trouble for about ten years.
The practical application on site proves that the unit satisfies the use in oilfield and meets the requirements of processing.
The device using compressed air of higher quality assures the reliability of drilling rig. The unit can be expanded to use in electricity powered rig and top drive.
Main specification is as listed in table.
Nominal displacement:  2 x 6m3/mm
Rated Press:           1MPa
Dew point:            2-10 ℃
Storage volume:      2 x 1.5M3-2 x 3M3
General power:       113KW
Mass weight:         10,000Kg
Contact information:
Lanzhou Petroleum Machinery Research Institute
349 Dunhuang Road Lanzhou Gansu[730050]
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