dispersant For Oil Well Cement ST-ZJ 102

Date: 10 Aug 2009
ST-ZJ 102 is a kind of organic compound that synthesized by sulphonation of methanal and acetone. It can be used as an efficient dispersant of cementing slurry. Between 30-150℃ ,it can stick on the surface of cement particles, produce absorbent electric double layer, disperse slurry, and lower the initial consistence of slurry, so it optimizes the rheological behavior of slurry. At atmospheric temperatureit , slightly prolong the slurry thickening time,and disperse the slurry  
obviously. There is no harmful effect on the other comprehensive property of slurry.
ST-ZJ 102 is compatible with other cement additives in slurry and can be applied to API oil well cement. It is suggested to be used together with SW series fluid-loss control agents and retarder, so as to get cementing slurry with excellent combination properties.
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